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About CMC Cloud

CMC Cloud infrastructure provides researchers with secure, high-performance, remotely accessible EDA resources for design of advanced microsystems and nanotechnologies.

What You Get

  • Secure Design Environment: When using CMC Cloud, you have a robust and supported design environment that is securely delivered over an internet connection.
  • Available on-demand with zero configuration: Design and development resources are all installed, configured and ready to use.
  • Hosted in Canada: Unlike many cloud providers, CMC Cloud is hosted entirely in Canada with protection of NDN researcher’s information as a top priority.
  • Access to the distributed revision control system in CMC Cloud: This system is a Git-based solution for managing project files for an individual or group using CMC credentials.


CMC Cloud Webinar

CMC Cloud offers access to CMC supported CAD tools and technologies delivered on-demand with zero configuration on data centers hosted in Canada.

This video introduces a new way of accessing the robust design environment offered by CMC.  It contains a demonstration of the Silicon photonics design environment accessed through the cloud.

user guides


CMC Cloud Design Environments are virtual on-demand secure design environments. These environments include CAD tool suites and can host Process Design Kits (PDKs).

This document guides you to use CMC Cloud where you can perform your research.


Accessing CMC Cloud

Access to CMC Cloud is included with many of the CAD Tools available with your Designer or Prototyping Subscription. Direct all your access inquiries to

Logging in

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your CMC registered email address.

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CMC Microsystems offers Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools for academic research and industrial R&D in the areas of microelectronics, MEMS, microfluidics, photonics, and embedded systems.

Tool vendors include:

Read more about which tools are cloud ready.